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Sifting Through the Resume Clutter

Date posted: May 21, 2013

In a previous post we went over how much hiring a new employee can really cost to a company, how everything from searching to training has a monetary impact and a loss of productivity that will most likely take months before you business breaks even. And even though many companies these days have already set up data bases filled up with resumes the time and effort it will require from you or your employees to search and find the right candidate will mean even more productivity and money loss. In short dealing with a scouting and hiring process on top of trying to make your business work smoothly after an employee leave can be beyond overwhelming.

Recruitment agencies can be the solution your business needs. What they do is that they go through the whole process for you and they come up with the most qualified and perfect fit for the opening. Usually both businesses and professionals looking for jobs have many questions about how these agencies work and the answer is that they each work differently and according to the client they are representing. For example a recruitment agency can provide you with temporary staff or more permanent candidates depending on what you need them for. Usually the compensation negotiation is done between the candidate and the company, not the candidate and the recruiter.

For the company, hiring a recruitment agency is a monetary cost and sometimes filling the job may take time, but you are assured that the candidates you will receive are going to be a good fit for your company because they where truly profiled. Part of the success of working with a recruitment agency lies on the communication developed between you and the recruiters. Skills and education needed for the job is usually important but is not the only thing that guarantees finding a good candidate. Character, values, capacity and compatibility are often as important key elements for your recruiter to find your perfect new employee.