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Personality Profiling and Hiring Go Hand in Hand

Date posted: May 28, 2013

Your company is growing and in these economic times that wonderful news. You’ve increased your revenues since this time last year and the workload on everyone seems to be getting heavy.

It’s now time to hire a few ‘Key’ people to help take the company to the next level. Once you decide the positions you’d like to fill – the next step is writing out the job descriptions, develop a compensation plan and identifying the type of personality that will be right for your company culture.

  • Analyze the current team: Identify their strengths and weaknesses. Finding a candidate with a different set of skills than what you currently have will make a much more diverse team, and produce better results.
  • Match Personalities: In the workplace it is common for personalities to clash. Thinking about this ahead of time will help make the search easier – for instance do you need people that are strictly task oriented or do they need to have planning and strategic abilities?
  • Company Culture: In addition to asking what experience the candidate has – also ask about their previous work environment. If they are used to working in an environment where everyone collaborates on strategy, will your company culture be a good fit?

Searching for the Right People to hire is no easy task, however thinking through exactly what additional strengths you need on the team, the type of personality you want the person you hire to have and matching experience to your company’s culture will help to prevent from hiring a candidate who will only leave within the first 60 days.

Working with an executive recruiting firm will give you the ability to analyze your team with an unbiased opinion. A recruiting firm will also help you match the candidate’s personality with the position you are filling and will work with you to determine what type of candidate you need to hire to fit in with the culture of your company.