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Is Your Resume Optimized?

Date posted: July 24, 2013

Technology is rapidly changing many ways of doing business, and the recruiting process is no exception. The online application process has flooded many companies with an unmanageable influx of resumes to be thoroughly screened within a reasonable time by a pair of human eyes. Enter the era of the automated resume scanner.

Multiple companies offer a variety of resume-screening software among other tools to aid the recruiting process, but the functionality of all programs is basically the same. The Applicant Tracking Systems (also called Automated Resume Screeners) search resume documents for keywords and then organizes them based on the parameters set by the software manager.

Keywords are chosen based upon the skill sets the company values, as well as the job position they’re looking to fill. Keywords can relate to years of experience, specialized areas of study, an applicant’s location, and level of education among other things.

 5 quick tips for optimizing your resume to rank among the masses:

  1. When possible, customize your resume based on the job you’re applying for. By incorporating the job title and words from the job description you’re more likely to be on the recruiter’s radar.
  2. Don’t skim on the experience. Many automated systems also measure the depth of your experience and check for repetitive words to indicate higher levels of experience. Be thorough with your experience descriptions when submitting your resume online.
  3. Use bullet points, not paragraphs. Bullets are easier for resume screeners to analyze, as well as human eyes.
  4. Consult with an insider on best practices for getting your resume in the right hands. Especially when looking to break into more competitive work fields.
  5. Be a proactive job seeker on social networking sites like LinkedIn. Actively reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers show persistence and a go-getter attitude; two qualities that many companies look for when interviewing candidates. However be sure your online profile and presence are polished for professionalism and accurately describe your current work situation.

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