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3 Reasons to Hire a Recruiting Agency

Date posted: June 26, 2013

Think hiring employees on your own is the best idea to growing your company? Think again. Depending on the size of your company, it may be worth the investment to hire an executive recruiting firm to handle your employee hiring process – even if you have a HR professional or department to aid in the process. Executive search firms typically have more resources at hand to find the qualified employee you are looking for.

If you are the one searching for and hiring your company’s employees, what’s more than likely happening is you are costing the company more money, than if you were to hire a professional staffing agency to manage the process and handle the workload for you. Why? Because your time is just as valuable as anyone else’s and the time you spend reading through resumes could be time well spent on the clock for the company crossing off your long to do list of things that must get done before Friday.

Let’s face it, we all to some degree have an issue with control. We think no one can do it like us – and that’s right no one can. But when you have a ‘to do list’ that isn’t getting any shorter and all of your time is dedicated to reading through stacks of papers, it’s time to give it up and let someone help you.

3 Reasons to Hire a Recruiting Agency:

  1. Save Time & Money: Using an executive recruiting firm cuts down on labor costs of you or your team having to sift and cipher through resumes – of which most of the people are unqualified. If you are worth $200 an hour and you’re averaging 10 hours a week on finding the right employee you are actually costing your company money.
  2. Access to People: Recruiting firms have access to people that you don’t have. Typically a company has access to people through online portals such as which are notorious for producing plenty of resumes of unqualified candidates. Recruiting firms have a database of people who come to them looking for career placement – they are also trained on knowing how to place the right people within the right company for their skills, talents and personality traits.
  3. Process for Hire: Starting out, most company’s “hiring process” consists of reading through resumes until they pick one that meets ‘some’ of the attributes they are looking for. A staffing agency has a process that works for finding, screening and interviewing skilled candidates that meet all of the requirements of a job description. Why work overtime and stress about all the paperwork you must go through when someone can do that for you?

Hiring an executive recruitment firm doesn’t mean you are giving up all of the control, it means you will have a team of trained professionals who take the load off. Trained recruiters who sift through the paperwork and do the first round of interviews with candidates until they narrow down the choices. This is where you step back in; once the unqualified applicants have been sifted through, a second round of interviews takes place with you present. From there you chose the candidate that you feel will be a Great fit for your company. A professional recruiting firm is like having a team of individual’s help you get through the mess without having to train them or look at them everyday.

At Valor Group Personnel, we make the process of hiring an employee seamless. The process will be over before you know it, with the right employee for the position. Aren’t you ready to move on and give your tired eyes a break?